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Noelani Pearl Hunt, Principal, has over 2 decades of nonprofit and political management experience. Her work in development, public relations, board management, nonprofit/campaign strategy, civil rights, social justice, and diversity/inclusion gives her a unique view of the world which helps her clients succeed and pivot. She understand the challenges nonprofits are facing during this trying time. She specialize in being a strategic partner. Her focus is to provide you with the most detailed analysis of your organization.

To do so, she must understand your internal and external challenges. Your success is our goal; to provide you with the most detailed plans, we will do personal one on one meetings with the board and staff leadership and an analysis of your current organization. After a review our findings with essential leadership we will create clear and concise goals and priorities for our engagement together.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Training

Board Training

Executive Coaching

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We have a distinctive style that combines coaching methods, therapeutic modalities, experienced strategic advice, and a strong dose of management consulting for a perfect combination that you need to move towards your success.

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Through focused meetings with your leadership, we will provide you an independent perspective and an objective assessment of your current board performance. ​

We will have tough conversations to help your board get engaged, healthy, and successful. 

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Leadership Transition Guidance

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging have never been more critical in the workplace and businesses are reviewing their internal processes to see what they need to do better. Many companies have released corporate statements on workplace diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging requires more than a simple declaration. There is real work that needs to be done to improve organizations' diversity and inclusion.

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Strategic Planning Session

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Let us help you identify strategies that will best enable a nonprofit to advance its mission. We will engage with staff and board in creating measurable goals and aligning priorities for implementation.

We will help run your strategic planning by identifying the nonprofit’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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We have a proven track record of creating robust development and fundraising plans that are custom for each organization. We understand that each community is different, so we do an in-depth feasibility study and/or focus group with key stakeholders to ensure we create the perfect plan for you. 

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Under the best circumstances transitioning to new leadership is challenging regardless of how prepared an organization is for the change. 

Our focus is to create an action-oriented plan focused on growth and healthy transitions, so the organization's success continues while moving forward. ​

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Gail, Executive Director 

                “As executive leaders, I know we are often starving for connections and nourishment. Working with Noelani is like sitting at a buffet of resources for non profit leaders. It doesn’t matter what you’re hungry for or what your organization needs, she will keep it fresh and help you serve yourself a feast so you feel more satisfied about the direction you or your organization is headed. I highly recommend Noelani Pearl Hunt and Pearl Consulting Group!” 

sareli, Founder 


                During my work with Noelani I quickly learned she was a warm and responsive individual, dedicated to equity, and did not shy away from having difficult conversations.

Noelani did not only excelled at the core elements projects for an organization and also took into account the big picture to manage the effect that extended well beyond the scope of her role.  I would highly recommend Noelani. 

                Let’s be honest, talking about racism can be scary. From not knowing how to start learning, beginning to face our own implicit and unconscious bias to bringing inclusion to your organization can feel overwhelming. I cannot express enough how learning with Noelani has meant to me. Noelani’s knowledge and generosity in sharing ignited a curiosity in me to learn more. Noelani nurtures a safe space to speak about racism without judgment, ask questions openly and lean into the hard conversations.

Dionne, Executive Director 

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Ron M., Nonprofit Consultant
& Policy Advocate

                  Passionate. Committed. Dedicated. Genuine.  In my over 10 years of having known and worked with Noelani, these words are what best describe her both professionally and personally. As someone who has worked in the nonprofit, education, arts/culture, and social justice fields for over 20 years, I have found Noelani to be someone who not only brings strong professional skills to her work, but who also understands that interpersonal communication is integral to engagement with employees/staff/board, and with the population being served, whether it is children and youth, or adults. When faced with challenges, she is responsive, not reactive. Noelani's focus is to work collaboratively to resolve an issue or concern, for the betterment of all involved. She is adept at recognizing areas for improvement -- programmatically, financially, systemically -- and working towards strengthening that area in partnership with her team and other stakeholders.  Her background, experience and skill sets are applicable across various sectors as she is flexible and adaptable.


About Noelani

Noelani has been active in many nonprofit, cultural, political and minority communities for over 20 years. She and the Love of her Life, Albert Hernandez Jr, live with their blended families, her daughter and her bonus children, in San Jose, CA.

Noelani Pearl Hunt has over two decades of nonprofit and political campaign management experience. Her work in development, public relations, board management, nonprofit/ campaign strategy, civil rights, social justice, and diversity/ inclusion give her a broad lens view to help her clients’ organizations succeed.

This experience gives her a unique view of the world, helping her clients thrive and pivot. She has a distinctive coaching style that combines therapeutic modalities, coaching methods, experienced strategic advice, and a healthy dose of straight forward real talk for a perfect combination that you need to move towards your success.

She is currently focusing on coaching nonprofit executives and providing her nonprofit management expertise to the Nonprofit Leadership Lab. 


She has coached countless nonprofits executives acting as a crucial advisor helping their organizations go from good to extraordinary. 

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